Jolly Phonics Kids Session

Jolly Phonics Kids Session


Jolly Phonics Kids Session


Jolly Phonics Kids Session


Jolly Phonics Kids workshops
Jolly Phonics Kids workshops
  • Jolly Phonics Program is a multi-sensory, active and specifically designed for young children.
  • With Jolly Phonics, the children are not just taught the alphabets sounds but all the 42 main letter sounds and how they are written.
  • Children are taken through stages of blending sounds together to form words and then on to reading.
  • Children are taught to write by listening for the sounds in spoken words and identifying the letters corresponding to those sounds.

What is Jolly Phonics

What is Jolly Phonics
Jolly Phonics Kids

The Jolly Phonics characters Inky Mouse, Snake and Bee are used throughout the materials. They often reflect the different speeds at which children learn to read and write. Inky Mouse and her friend Phonic the computer teach Snake and Bee the letter sounds and reading techniques. Snake picks up the literacy skills quickly, while Bee has more difficulty, but eventually understands.

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Phonics makes students smarter

Top Ten Reasons to Teach Phonics

  1. Phonics is an efficient way to teach reading
  2. Phonics works
  3. Phonics is the fastest way to learn how to read – What is Jolly Phonics
  4. Phonics makes students better spellers – What is Jolly Phonics
  5. Phonics requires less rote memorization – What is Jolly Phonics
  6. Phonics works better for students with learning disabilities – What is Jolly Phonics
  7. Phonics works better for English-language learners – What is Jolly Phonics
  8. Phonics works better for remedial readers
  9. Phonics makes students smarter – What is Jolly Phonics
  10. Phonics learning builds self-esteem –  What is Jolly Phonics

Phonics builds on the common elements within the English language. Vowel sounds, both short and long, have repeating characteristics, like the sounds for ie and oo. Short and long vowel sounds have different rules and sounds, but the sounds can be taught through sight recognition. Some words are known as sight words because they do not follow phonics rules and must be memorized. In the English language, there are several words that we use over and over, and though they are decodable using phonics techniques, they are taught as sight words.

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